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Jack on stage 1

Jack presents and directs a small nativity play in Cooktown.

Live and Loud

Jack with wife Maureen Performing on stage on the road.


Jack Potter as Herod from Jesus Christ Superstar during his Aussie Theatre heyday.

Black Herod

Anyone remember the Black Herod? It was the controversy that never happened.

Those were the days

Vaudeville acts in Sydney clubs were HUGELY successful.

Going Bush

With his entire set, costumes and whole show on the back of a truck, Jack toured Australia's outback.


During the day, the stage truck in Cairns Queensland doing promotions.

Glitz & Glamour

As Herod in Jesus Christ Superstar, Jack Potter really shone!

A family affair

With the entire act packed up, Jack travelled with his son and wife from town to town delivering tru-blu Aussie stage theatre .

Jack and Maureen

A dynamic wife-husband team, Jack and Maureen always had that clear electricity on stage.

 Stage set

This stage set travelled across country Australia, and was used in hundreds of plays and stage shows.


Although retired, Jack is now working on his second book. He has had good success with the first publishing of Wild Card, that it's time again to contine the story.