Wild Card

Jack Potter, author, entertainer and comedian, grew up in rural Australia, and spent much of his working career as a travelling throughout vast Australia's outback, visiting hundreds of country towns with a stageshow like no other.

On the back of the success of "Wild Card", Jack is now set to publish his second book on January 8, 2018 (D.V.)

For advice and insights into the entertainment industry, he's the man to see.

John Sullivan

I am so glad you decided to share your life's experiences with the rest of the world Jack. Anyone who has the pleasure of knowing you is doubly lucky. What you have achieved old feller is unique in the arts world and I am sure will never be bettered by any. Good luck with the biography. You are a bloody legend.

Peter Gunn

What a great character. Full of life and vitality, Jack continues his remarkable life experiences through his writing and retelling of entertaining and funny anecdotes of a life lived to the full. A great entertainer who I am proud to call a friend.

Johannes Rostler

This man is amazing, I spent my best months in Australia with him in late 2009 when he picked me foreign work'n'traveller up in the Gold Coast just after I lost my job and made me his 'manager man' to run the show around North Queensland. We had a lot of fun (and quarrel) and I certainly learned a lot. Every town with a pub, he's been to. Hope you have put all the good stories in there you used to tell me almost every day Jack!

Brendon O'Connell

Worth a script option...

"Red Dog" made it... I'm sure this would make it too.